Boulangerie from Diderot's Encyclopedia, 1752
Dedicated to the Study of Eighteenth Century Baking in Colonial North America.


The Best Modes of Making Breads, Pastes, Puffs, Tarts, Cookies, Pastries, Cakes, Pies and Bisquits. 

Adapted to this Time and All Ways of Life

As well as the Proper Ways to Make and Keep Levain, Emptins and Barm and the use of Pearl Ash.


The Virtual Colonial Cookbook Collection to read for Yourself the Receipts of the 18th Century.

Along with the Practices of:

The Construction of Bake Ovens for the Home and the Tools and Skills of a Colonial Baker.
Brewing Sorts of Beer including Spruce, Making of Maple Sugar, the Many Uses of Maize, Starting Fire in a Correct Fashion and the Equipment of a Milicien in Nouvelle France.


Jeff Pavlik dit Boulanger

Who has for many years been an Historian
and Proprietor of a Bakehouse.  
Table of Contents