Information from Colonial Williamsburg on Twelfth Night Celebrations and colonial Christmas traditions :
To view the orginal cookie board that inspired the one I used to make Red Gingercake:

--note-  The cookie board is double sided and sometimes the museum shows the reverse side of the cookie board with the female image.   This is a reproduction of the side not being shown.
18th Century
Holiday Baked Goods

For a taste of the past, our Colonial Baked Goods Collection provides the perfect complement to any holiday table.  These unique baked treats contain the flavors, scents and textures of recipes from the 1700s and make the perfect gift for family and friends interested in early American history. Each box contains one Twelfth Night Cake, one printed Red Gingerbread and a half-dozen each of Gingerbread Cakes and Chriftmas Cookey.

Our Twelfth Night Cake, known as a "Great Cake" from 1745, is richly spiced and filled with candied citron, candied orange and lemon peel and currants. It is covered with an orange-blossom icing. Our Red Gingerbread comes from a recipe from 1764 and is made using a beautiful gingerbread mold inspired by the one used by baker Ludwick, the Superintendent of Bakers in the Continental Army, during the American Revolution. Both crunchy and chewy, our Red Gingerbread is made with wheat and almond flour, brandy and spiced red wine.  In our delicious star-shaped Chriftmas Cookey, ground coriander flavors the buttery dough. Though the earliest printed recipe in the United States is dated 1798, this holiday cookie was known to be baked before that in the colonies. Our spiced molasses Gingerbread Cake is a rich, dense and delicious cookie that was named before the term "cookie" became common.

This collection of culinary holiday history can be shipped anywhere in the United States for $35.00 (price includes shipping).

Additional items can be added if noted in the order. Prices for each are:  
-6" round Twelfth Night Cake- $7.00
- 6"x 4" (approx.) Red Gingerbread- $5.00
- 3 " diameter (approx.) Chriftmas Cookey and Gingerbread Cakes are $7.20 a dozen.

Order the basic package for $35.00 via PayPal ( Our account name is Please be sure to include your phone number, the address(es) you'd like the order(s) shipped to and note if any additional baked goods are to be included, along with the additional payment. Packages will be shipped within 3 days of ordering unless you specify a different shipping date.

If you'd prefer to pay by check, your order will be shipped upon receipt of payment. Please make checks payable to: Sunflour Bakehaus and include your phone number, the address(es) you'd like the order(s) shipped to and note if any additional baked goods are to be included, along with the additional payment. Mail to: Colonial Baked Goods, Sunflour Bakehaus, 33250 Grand River, Farmington, MI 48336.

Please note: The texture of these items may not appeal to all modern palates. These recipes use ingredients that were common in the 18th Century and do not include modern ingredients such as baking soda or powder and margarine, used in baking today that make items less dense and keep softer for a longer period.  We do not use any preservatives in these baked goods. All items freeze well for long-term storage.

Orders will be taken through Saturday, Dec. 18, 2017, and the last day for shipping will be Tuesday, Dec. 21th.  Supplies are limited. Please order early. We will promptly refund any orders we cannot fill.

All items are made at Sunflour Bakehaus, an historic bakery in Farmington, Michigan, owned by Jeff Pavlik, baker and historian.,
The Period Recipes and Ingredients List
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