Jeff Pavlik was raised as an Army brat and traveled extensively around the states and abroad as a child. After graduating from Frankfurt American High School the summer after the Berlin Wall came crashing down he returned to the United States and moved to Missouri.
     At S-F Scout Ranch he was introduced to buckskinning and taught young men the wilderness skills needed to trek the hollers of the Ozark Mountains in the fashion of our ancestors. Jeff studied forestry, history, geography and social movement history at the University of Missouri-Columbia and finally graduated with degrees in American History and Peace Studies. His capstone project for his history degree was a study of French Exploration and Mining of the St. Francis Mountains Prior to 1750.
     Within a year of moving to Michigan with his new wife, the young couple somehow in 1997 ended up owning Farmington Bakery.  Ten years later, in an effort to modernize and make the shop their own,  they changed the name of the store to Sunflour Bakehaus at the historic Farmington Bakery.  Maintaining their shop as a traditional neighboorhood bakery, Jeff makes a daily variety of breads, cookies, pastries and cakes for his customers throughout southeast Michigan.  With the new name of the bakery he is able to focus more on unique and wholesome whole grain products.  His three young children, while delightful, are bread snobs and will only eat bread if it was baked fresh that day.
     Recently Jeff has been able to renew his interests in reenacting and teaching history at public events, civic groups and classrooms. Specializing in historic baking and brewing he has been making some outstanding bread and brew as of late while trying to find the time to continue to research these fascinating topics.

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