Resources for Documenting my Persona
   Table of Contents
Clothing & Equipment Guide
for the Milice de Ste. Anne

A list of items to be carried by reenactors of the French militia during the Seven Years war.  Includes documenting quotes on the equitment and clothing as well as recommended vendors that recreate these objects.
Footwear of Canadiens

A powerpoint slide show of historical images, artifacts and quotes that describe the various styles of footwear worn in the Great Lakes in the years 1700-1850.
Equitment issued in 1757 to the French forces
Instructions to make breechclouts and leggings

Documentation for French mitasses and brayets
Historical Images of Canadiens
The common hat of the Canadien.
Directions on how to make a period men's shirt.
Information and instructions on how to make the clothing of New France.
A useful and easy peice of clothing to make.
Equipement pour une découverte
My equipment and clothing based on the issued gear for miliciens when going on an exploration of the Pays d'en haut.
Photographs of my journeys
Excursions and adventures at reenactments in the woods and at historical sites.