I am pleased to offer for sale these 18th century ships biscuits made in the manner of the highest quality with outstanding authenticity.

After the baking and drying process each ration of biscuits of one pound equals 5 pieces of bread that each are made to the size specifications of the extant biscuit from 1784 in the collections of the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London. As a rationed foodstuff biscuits were made to a specific weight so that they could be distributed in an orderly fashion. My biscuits were mixed, scaled, baked and dried so that they would meet the common ration of 5 biscuits per pound.

Working with the miller at De Zwaan windmill in Holland, Michigan I have been able to procure period correct style flour that has been stone-ground in a mill built in the 18th century. The miller in her expertise has sifted the flour in a period manner to be able to obtain actual “ships stuff”, the type of flour that was used by biscuit bakers during the period.
Biscuits are available with the basic scores/holes or with the Kings Mark from the victualling yard at Woolwich. The actual press can be seen on pg 37 of  "Heart of Oak", by James P. McGuane.

5 biscuits (1 pound) for $10.00 - shipping included.

15 biscuits (3 pounds) for $25.00 - shipping included.

Up to 7 pounds of biscuits can be shipped in the same box at a cost of $5.00 per pound with an additional $10.00 shipping.

The paypal address to send payment is:

Please be sure to let me know if you want
the plain biscuit or the Kings Mark. 

                            Boulanger’s Biscuits:
-documented size and weight
-period flour stone-milled in a period windmill
-flour sifted properly to procure “ships stuff”
-available with the Kings mark
-made in a licensed bakery by a professional artisan baker