Table of Contents

Virtual Colonial Cookbook Collection
Period cookery books online for research

Life of a Baker in the Eighteenth Century

Bake Ovens
Construction and use of various ovens

Tools of the Trade
Period illustrations and reproductions of baking  equipment

Ingredients and process

Leavening Baked Goods in a Colonial Fashion
Leaven, sour, emptins, barm and pearl ash

Pastry and Pies
Crusts and fillings

Pastry, Cakes and Cookies
Sweets for the table

Brewing Beer
Recipes, resources and manners of all sorts of beers

Maple Sugaring
Research and Methods of Sugaring in the Period

Maize in the 18th Century
The many uses of Maize as a North American Grain

Starting Fire in a Period Fashion
Finding and using Tinder Fungus

La Vie en tant qu'un Boulanger et Milicien en Nouvelle France
Documenting my reenacting persona

About Me
My life, family and bakery in Michigan.

Holiday Baked Goods
Colonial Baked Goods Collection, recipes and more